1. Daily Dose of Health- 26 April

    Good day everyone! I’m hoping this communication finds you well! Checking in on your diet journals! How is it going? Have you noticed any particular food type that you tend to indulge in more often than others? I know with the easy availability of Easter candy, I had some difficulty earlier this week. But today is a fresh new day! I’m having a cup of tea while I write this,and will work hard t…Read More

  2. Daily Dose of Health-Vitamin D- April 24

    As I have strictly limited my media supplied sources on COVID 19,  I’m not sure what everyone has learned about this epidemic.  I want to just make a statement that I’d be glad to discuss further with anyone interested…in fact, we have ‘telemedicine’ set up for the office, so we could have a zoom discussion if you’d like!  The statement is:  COVID 19 is not what is killing people, …Read More

  3. Daily Dose of Health-Supplements- April 22

    Good morning! We are very excited to announce a website where you can order safe and effective supplements! We've talked about how effective supplements can be to improving your health and Dr. Stiller goes into more detail below. Choosing sources for supplement and vitamins – including probiotics – is really important. Over the years, there have been some random testing done of various over th…Read More

  4. Daily Dose of Health-Get Your Zzz’s- 20 April

    This morning when I woke up and checked my emails (a disturbingly common habit for me – especially with so much more time at home and literally hundreds of emails a day!). One of the medical journals targeting physicians that I receive regularly had an article titled “How to boost your immune system during the COVID 19 pandemic”. I was pleasantly surprised to see that their ‘talking’ poi…Read More

  5. Daily Dose of Health-Inflammation and Your Health- April 18

    Good morning!  We’ve made it to Thursday already and I hope you’re staying healthy and active. Let’s face it, we are all feeling a little restricted, a little bored, and a lot like snacking!  We’ve discussed some of the benefits of anti-inflammatory foods in our previous emails but here’s a quick recap: An anti-inflammatory diet, along with exercise and good sleep, may provide many ben…Read More

  6. Daily Dose of Health-Pre and Probiotics – April 16

    Good day to everyone!!  How has your stress and anxiety level been doing?  Are you finding ways to de-stress and find some simple life enjoyments during the day? How is your food diary going? Have you been able to start your diary yet? I’d like to start today with a short breathing exercise:  Everyone find a comfortable place to sit or stand.  Now, I want you to take a deep breath in for a c…Read More

  7. Daily Dose of Health – Sunday Edition April 12

    Last week, I mentioned a conversation I had with a friend who voiced concern over the impact our 'stay at home' orders has had on their fight with gaining weight.  We basically have a perfect storm going on with decreased activity levels due to work slow down, loss of normal 'fun' exercise encouraging activities, gyms/sporting events/social events, increased stress (work related, mortgage/rent re…Read More

  8. Daily Dose of Healthy – Sunday Edition April 5

    Today, I was thinking about where I would have been this weekend had our world not been turned upside-down by the invisible enemy we’ve named COVID 19. I don’t spend much time thinking about this virus. It really does me no good to do so – physically, mentally, spiritually.  That’s not to say, as a physician, that I haven’t studied every article that comes to my ‘in box’ that inf…Read More

  9. When Should You See A Vein Specialist? [Answered]

    There are several reasons why people delay getting treatment for varicose veins and they are often related to misconceptions. For example, some people recall the old-fashioned, painful stripping surgery that our parents or grandparents endured, not realizing that technological advancements have made today’s treatments simple and relatively pain-free. Thermal Ablation is an example: Others have b…Read More

  10. Dietary Options That Will Improve Vein Health

    The food that fuels our bodies plays a major role in the overall state of our health. Certain dietary options are also crucial to maintaining vein health and avoiding varicose veins. Varicose veins are veins that become twisted, swollen, and sometimes painful. In today’s post, the Center for Advanced Vein Care will discuss some dietary options that can improve vein health. If you develop varicos…Read More