1. Our veins ‘take out the trash’

    Dr. Sonja Stiller If you’re like me, you recently finished taking a lot of holiday trash to the curb, including cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and maybe even a Christmas tree. Well, imagine if you couldn’t take out the trash at all. What if all of that holiday trash—plus all of the other garbage you accumulate over a week—simply piled up in your home? Imagine the impact it would have on y…Read More

  2. Holiday Vein Care Tips

    At Center For Advanced Vein Care, it is our goal to provide Mentor with top quality vein care and treatment services. Whether you’ve been suffering from the effects of varicose veins for far too long or you have recently discovered the pain and discomfort that they cause, we are here to provide you with the absolute best in vein care services. Contact us today to set up a consultation. With the …Read More

  3. Don’t go another year in pain

    It’s not unusual for busy, nurturing people to spend all year taking care of others at the expense of themselves. We often spend the entire year doing things for family and friends while we suffer in silence. In fact, many varicose vein patients don’t even know they’re suffering. That’s because the leg pain, swelling and fatigue can sneak up on us so slowly over time that we blame it on …Read More

  4. Your vein treatment timeline

    Even today’s most high-tech varicose vein treatments take longer than most people realize. So if you want to improve the look and feel of your legs for spring activities—such as golf, hiking, boating, spring weddings and visits to Cedar Point—it’s best to get started right now. Although each session is quick and you’re back at work the same day, actual results lag behind treatments. Some…Read More

  5. Reasons To Treat Your Varicose Veins This Fall

    Summer is finally over; can you believe it? Besides the heat, one thing you may recall was avoiding wearing certain things due to those unsightly veins. You’ve got a full year ahead of you until summer 2018, and now is the best time to get your veins checked out and treated, as temperatures are far cooler now. At Center For Advanced Vein Care, it is our goal to provide Mentor with top quality ve…Read More


    By Mimi Vanderhaven Jennifer Cost, of Mentor, is a busy, active mom of an eight-year-old daughter and she works full-time in customer service for an industrial ceramics company. She can’t afford to be tired. So when Restless Leg Syndrome associated with varicose veins began interfering with her sleep, she sought help from Dr. Sonja Stiller, founder of Mentor’s Center for Advanced Vein Care. He…Read More

  7. The Effects of Cold Weather on Your Veins

    At Center for Advanced Vein Care, we are proud to provide the people of Mentor with top-notch vein care and treatment. Our staff is comprised of skilled and experienced doctors who specialize in vein care. While you may or may not be aware that you have a vein condition, leaving it untreated could lead to serious health problems. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and if you’re feeling like yo…Read More

  8. Why We Love Compression Stockings (And You Will, Too!)

    We recommend compression stockings to many of the patients seeking vein treatment in our Ohio clinic! Compression stockings can offer so many benefits before, during, and after vein treatment and make a huge difference in both the appearance of your vein and how your legs feel at the end of the day. If you are skeptical of compression stockings and think they aren't for you, then it's time to lear…Read More

  9. Family fun without leg pain

    Summer is a time for activities—family celebrations, walking, hiking, wading in creeks, trips to the beach and the zoo, and picnics and amusement parks. The list is endless. And while these activities may sound fun, they can be stressful for those with chronic leg pain. An active summer day for varicose vein sufferers means sitting in a lawn chair and putting your feet up while everyone else has…Read More

  10. Don’t blame pain on getting older

    As we age, there is a natural tendency to blame aches, pain and fatigue on “getting older.” We don’t like going to the doctor anyway, and—like our grandparents—we earned our symptoms. Our arthritis, weak joints, tiredness, inability to sleep, etc. can seem like badges of honor. Well, not necessarily. If your pain is directly over your knee, for example, it could very well be arthritis. H…Read More