1. Daily Dose of Health – Sunday Edition April 12

    Last week, I mentioned a conversation I had with a friend who voiced concern over the impact our 'stay at home' orders has had on their fight with gaining weight.  We basically have a perfect storm going on with decreased activity levels due to work slow down, loss of normal 'fun' exercise encouraging activities, gyms/sporting events/social events, increased stress (work related, mortgage/rent re…Read More

  2. Daily Dose of Healthy – Sunday Edition April 5

    Today, I was thinking about where I would have been this weekend had our world not been turned upside-down by the invisible enemy we’ve named COVID 19. I don’t spend much time thinking about this virus. It really does me no good to do so – physically, mentally, spiritually.  That’s not to say, as a physician, that I haven’t studied every article that comes to my ‘in box’ that inf…Read More

  3. When Should You See A Vein Specialist? [Answered]

    There are several reasons why people delay getting treatment for varicose veins and they are often related to misconceptions. For example, some people recall the old-fashioned, painful stripping surgery that our parents or grandparents endured, not realizing that technological advancements have made today’s treatments simple and relatively pain-free. Thermal Ablation is an example: Others have b…Read More

  4. Dietary Options That Will Improve Vein Health

    The food that fuels our bodies plays a major role in the overall state of our health. Certain dietary options are also crucial to maintaining vein health and avoiding varicose veins. Varicose veins are veins that become twisted, swollen, and sometimes painful. In today’s post, the Center for Advanced Vein Care will discuss some dietary options that can improve vein health. If you develop varicos…Read More

  5. Two Tips for Avoiding Spider Veins This Summer

    More than any other time of year, summer in Cleveland is the best time to show off your legs. Unfortunately, you may suffer from spider veins on your legs, which could make it difficult to feel confident showing off your legs this summer. In today’s blog, we will give two vein treatment tips to help you avoid or reduce spider veins. Exercise More Even though most people realize that a little mor…Read More

  6. Set Yourself Up For Success This Summer

    It’s finally summer. That means it is time for trips to the lake, wearing shorts, and your favorite outdoor activities. All of these things can be inhibited if you experience pain, discomfort, or dissatisfaction with your veins. If you have discomfort or pain, or if you do not like the way your veins look, then you may be suffering from a vein condition. Not many people realize vein conditions c…Read More

  7. Calling All Teachers!

    There’s no question that teachers look forward to the end of the school year. Finally, the kids are all on break and you can sit back and relax for a few months before the next year begins. That being said, if you notice that your legs have become more achy and tired as the school year goes on, then it could have something to do with the health of your veins. In today’s post, we will provide y…Read More

  8. Common Questions About Laser Vein Treatments: Part Two

    With summer just around the corner, you may have already considered a few different treatment options for your vein conditions. While compression stockings are a great option for most, they can be uncomfortable in the summer heat. If you’re tired of trying to cover up unsightly veins and ready to live your life to the fullest, then now is the time to look into vein treatment options and we are m…Read More

  9. Common Questions About Laser Vein Treatments: Part One

    Spring has finally arrived, and before you know it, everyone will be trading in their long pants and sweaters for lighter layers and shorts. If you suffer from certain vein conditions such as varicose and spider veins, then the changing of the season may have you feeling anxious about the appearance of your legs. You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about your vein condition, and Center for Ad…Read More

  10. Everything You Need to Know About Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins are a common vascular disease that occurs in both men and women throughout the world. That being said, there are many who may not even realize that they have varicose veins, or they may be at a loss of how to treat their symptoms and find the relief that they deserve. At Center for Advanced Vein Care in Cleveland, Dr. Sonja Stiller offers a number of vein treatment options that can …Read More